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Parents should perfectly monitor their child’s online usage. It is their responsibility, and they owe it to their child. Yes, to the highest degree people against “snooping” argue that it destroys trust between the nurture and the tiddler and invades the child’s privacy.

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Teens and Privacy: Should I Spy on My Child? Plus: The 4 Tactics Kids Use When They Get Caught

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Note from James: A lot of the things we do to protect our children might be considered “spying” by our kids, but they are in information measures we cinematography to keep them risk-free from others, as fit as from themselves. earlier we begin, I deficiency to say that I waver to use the word “spying” because it has a negative, corrupt connotation. But that’s a news parents understand and use when we talk approximately hunt direct our kids’ things, so we definite to use that acting location Parents often wonderment how much privacy their children need, and ask me if it’s okay to offend it. So before we get to the subject of spying on your child, I want to talk a little some adolescent privacy.

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Should parents snoop on their kids online? - CBS News

Now that dweller kids have extraordinary access than ever so to the computer network -- not honourable at home, but on mobile instrumentality wherever they go -- parents are face a new set of dilemmas: should you admonisher where your kids go, what websites they visit and what they say and see on social media? Or should teens be allowed a kingdom of privacy gone from the snoopiness persuasion of parents? According to the Pew Internet Project, more than than three-quarters of American children ages 12 to 17 had cellphones as of 2012; all but period of play of those devices were smartphones with Internet, gregarious media and netmail access.

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