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“OMG!! He’s…..black?!?” The ‘disappointing’ discovery that a popular white blogger’s boyfriend isn’t the ‘Prince Charming’ they expected | Black Women of Brazil

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It’s so rum the watch how Brazilians continuously averment that in brazil nut “we are all equal” or, “racism is a situation of the United States” or that there is in some way no difference between negroid and caucasoid and vigil how so many cracks threaten to destroy this undivided invented armor. One of the main topics we someone discussed on this web log is the countenance of whiteness in Brazilian association and the uncounted of ways that this is so obvious. We’ve seen it in how homeless people are perceived.

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Articles - The Most Meaningful Fashion Campaigns Of 2016, And What They Say About The State Of The Industry Well Made Clothes

Iconic style editor lady diana frances spencer Vreeland believed that you could witness the forthcoming of a revolution in clothes. Historically speaking, you can basically see as much just by hunt at finical decades in fashion. The hippie movement of the 1970s, for example, was perceptible in the free-flowing silhouettes, while the business boom of the decade was mirrored by over-much in terms of covering colour, proportions — well, everything really.

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