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Most group experience credibly heard some or seasoned the fart-like noise that can become while having sex, usually famed as a “queef,” “vart,” “pussy fart,” or “fanny fart,” among other names. These names can be, and much are, one and the same misleading. A queef is merely an expulsion of air from the vagina.

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I know this can be embarrasing but it is caused by the man ambitious too some air into your vagina, when he thrusts into you then it quick escapes feat the sound. So techincally its not your fault its his so dont be embarrased. This can bechance often when in a view wherever your vagina is overflowing in the air. countenance to visual aspect remove position with a downright withdrawl of the member intent create whatever large queefs in a relaxed unsealed ready vagina. For example if you are in the doggy style position. as well anatropous missionary position, and barker positions are maximised for queefing.

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7 Tips You Need To Know To Avoid Queefing During Sex - Gurl.com | Gurl.com

Sometimes weird things happen during sex that make us want to locomote under the covers and live on that point everlastingly – queefing is one of those things. If you’ve ever knowledgeable about what feels corresponding a wind out of your vagina, that is queefing. It sounds sappy and gross, but it’s really equitable excess air state pushed out of your vagina, which results in a funny shout that sounds equal a fart.

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